Elyce & Alfredo – Pasadena Wedding

While they may share many things, Elyce and Alfredo’s love of music seems to be at the core of it all. Beats that transcend them to a different place & time, lyrics that have been burned into their souls, and a massive collection (12 boxes to be exact) of treasured vinyl records are what you will find in their hearts, and in their home.

Elyce and Alfredo are a couple that beats to their own drum ;) So when it came time to plan their wedding, it was no surprise that they carefully selected which wedding rituals made sense for them, and went with what felt right…. Music! Lyrics that made her think of Alfredo were printed and tightly wound into the clip Elyce wore in her hair, silver cassette tapes embellished the wedding napkins, and their cake and desserts were displayed upon custom vinyl record stands. Surrounded by music, surrounded by love.

Morning light poured in through the floor-to-ceiling glass panes & skylights throughout the house. An architect’s and photographer’s dream! The scent of fresh flowers and an electric energy flowed throughout the house. Today was Alfredo & Elyce’s wedding day! They had spent months gathering, crafting, and dreaming of the details that would bring their vision to life, and finally it was upon them :)

I could probably go on for hours describing all of the unique and personal touches that brought their dream to fruition… instead I will let the pictures do the talking!

 photo 1_web_zpsae3a1a59.jpg

 photo 2_web_zpsb28f6c0b.jpg

 photo 3_web_zpsb55d6755.jpg

 photo 4_web_zps597d10a6.jpg

 photo 5_web_zps73f0e4db.jpg

 photo 6_web_zps835560a6.jpg

 photo 7_web_zpsc1750614.jpg

 photo 8_web_zps4ca40dca.jpg

Artichoke arrangement?!?! I might need to steal this idea!

 photo 9_web_zpsdbc78c4b.jpg

 photo 10_web_zps0182d7ff.jpg

 photo 11_web_zps8227652a.jpg

Elyce surprised Alfredo with a custom wine box with some of his favorites, to celebrate on their 1st, 3rd, and 5th anniversary! What an amazing wife!

 photo 12_web_zpsa9f8adad.jpg

 photo 13_web_zpsc6fe25d0.jpg

 photo 14_web_zps459bb035.jpg

 photo 15_web_zps5f55f7f9.jpg

 photo 16_web_zpsc580f890.jpg

True joy

 photo 17_web_zpsff5b7158.jpg

 photo 18_web_zpsc24d2ff7.jpg

One of my absolute favorites from the ceremony!

 photo 19_web_zpsa7985cd4.jpg

 photo 20_web_zps2dc79901.jpg

 photo 21_web_zps24627f1a.jpg

 photo 22_web_zps314c3815.jpg

Love this shot that Mike captured…

 photo 23_web_zps8d137c9e.jpg

 photo 24_web_zps939fd3c8.jpg

Pure happiness!

 photo 25_web_zps67586959.jpg

 photo 26_web_zps5df77eaf.jpg

 photo 27_web_zps957f4d0d.jpg

 photo 28_web_zps42922ca5.jpg

 photo 29_web_zps2e4886c9.jpg

Details, details, details…

 photo 30_web_zpsbb93ceb5.jpg

 photo 31_web_zps4fb2dcba.jpg

 photo 32_web_zpsd1f518c9.jpg

 photo 33_web_zps6c8e0d54.jpg

 photo 34_web_zps1129201e.jpg

 photo 35_web_zpse6acc264.jpg

 photo 36_web_zps6136ebe2.jpg

The perfect end to the perfect day!

 photo 37_web_zps2d60205e.jpg

Elyce & Alfredo, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to capture your beautiful day! It was such a unique and treasured experience to document your story. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and beautiful music together!


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  1. Alisha says:

    Gorgeous shots girlfriend! They look sooo happy, love these! xo

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